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Water Bill Customer Assistance

This is the customer assistance application to help Philadelphians who are having trouble paying their water bills.

If you’re struggling to pay your water bill, this application is for you.

If you have experienced job loss or difficulty paying your bills as a result of COVID‑19, please apply for customer assistance.

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Fill out the first part of the application online or you may call (215) 685-6300 to request an application be mailed to you.

You have 14 days from when you request the application to when you must return it. You will also need to make photocopies of documents to send back with the application.

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The application takes most people about an hour to complete. You can complete the application in one sitting or save your progress and complete the application later. To save your progress you will need to provide a valid email address where we can send your application id.

Be sure you have every document you’ll need and access to a scanner or a camera (like the one on your phone) so you can submit your documents electronically.

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Visit a partner location to work with a representative to fill out your application. Bring photocopies of all your paperwork. You will still need to mail in your application when finished.

* In-person help is limited due to the COVID‑19 pandemic. Contact each location to confirm options for getting help with your application, and please follow all safety guidelines.

See example application and guidelines


You will need the following to apply. Do not send originals.

  • 1. Water Access Code (found on your bill)  
    ? example of water bill

    You will need the 9-digit number in the upper right of any recent water bill (click the question mark for the example)

  • 2. Social Security Number:

    We will ask for first and last name, birthdate and SSN.

  • 3. Proof of residency for applicant:

    The item must be dated within the past 6 months. Include TWO different items from the following list:

    • Current government issued ID with current address (driver's license or ID card)
    • OR
    • Current rental agreement, or aggreement for sale for the dwelling unit.
    • OR
    • Recent utility bill (must show service and mailing addresses), tax bill, or other tax record.
    • OR
    • Lease, rent book, or money order receipts that show your address.
  • 4. Proof of all members' income:

    For each person in your household (age 18 or older), please gather proof of all income using the following list of acceptable documents:

    • Prior year's federal income tax return (you'll just need the page that shown name gross income.)
    • OR
    • Pay stubs (must be consecutive and cover at least 30 days)
    • OR
    • Benefit award letter or statement, such as: Unemployment compensation printout, Workers' comensation award, Social Security letter, Pension letter, or Welfare benefits statement.
    • OR
    • Income support statement – For example, if you receive Child Support, we'll ask for some proof of the current amount and source, such as: A letter from (you will need to login to the site), or Fill out the page of the application called "Attachment A: Income Support Documentation"
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